The Westech Alliance was first dreamed up in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany by Rob Walker, an engineering manager working for high tech science and engineering companies in Europe. The idea behind the Alliance was to build a consultancy business that could bring together some of the most innovative and creative minds in high technology providing clients with real world solutions they would not normally have access too. 

In 2016  Rob moved his family back home to Perth, Western Australia and the company was formally registered as an Australian R&D consulting business. We still have strong R&D contacts in the UK and Germany as well as China, Japan and the USA.

The Alliance of experts has become stronger than ever by including resource sector and life science technologies into our portfolio of expertize.

About Us

Our Vision

The WesTech Alliance

technology without borders

We live and breathe technology, we are working on some pretty eclectic projects right now and we love it. Everything from tracking mosquitoes with cutting edge image analysis to tracking dam movements with cm level positioning sensors. From computers to software to exotic hardware we have over thirty years’ experience in computing, electronics, science and technology.

Our vision is to bring to our clients some of that cutting edge high technology expertise to solve their real world problems.

We are honest, we fulfil our commitments, and there is quality in everything we do. We deliver.​