We can create a customized digital mosaic print or artwork for you, it’s quick and easy. 

What we need from you to create your work of art is a background digital image like our dog Ralph pictured here standing in a forest.

Then as many relatively low resolution digital pictures as you have of your subject, in our case, the over 600 pictures of Ralph on the left,  over his last 7 years since he was a puppy. The more pictures the better the final mosaic will look. 

Mosaic photographs can be great gifts for school year books, loved ones on birthdays, weddings etc. celebrating lives over time. Pets are a favourite and can bring back fond memories. The creative ideas are up to you. The final product is a very high resolution digital print delivered electronically to you. 

With your digital print you can use any print service you like, such as these guys for us Australians:  Officeworks,  Harvey Norman  or your local printer company in your country to make stunning high quality prints framed for your home or office or as the ultimate gift!

Imagine walking up to a big artwork on your living room wall. Its your favourite wedding day photo, as you get closer you start to see hundreds of little pictures of you, your friends and family on that fab day...

For Free we will email you a number of lower resolution mosaic digital prints for you to choose your favourite one or just keep for fun.

If you should find one you love all that is needed is for you to make a payment, currently just $10 per digital mosaic print at our payment website and we will electronically send you a high resolution digital print suitable for printing.

Your favourite pet and his or her life celebrated

Create a fantastic mosaic poster for you or your friends. So cool you will need sunglasses!

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A Wedding montage to remember the day forever on your wall 

Shoebox Memories

​Mosaic Photography