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Registration For Clinics

COVID-19 is gaining on us. To beat it we need as many people as possible to be vaccinated and soon but with availability scarce how can we speed this up? This is where we come in. If you are a clinic authorised to administer COVID-19 vaccines then we want your help.


We know vaccines that were earmarked for patients who don't turn up are often destroyed. This costs you money but its also such a waste of a critical resource. We have a solution. What if we could connect you at very short notice to eligible patients who are interested in getting the vaccine?


How do we do that? Patients register with us and your clinic registers with us. If your clinic has unused vaccines you notify us (by email or a text message) and we can notify registered patients nearby immediately via their smartphones. We don't make  the booking, that's up to you. We provide the "heads up" that the patients specified vaccine is available and they call your clinic to make the booking.

Just register you email and phone number with us on the form below and we will begin connecting you with patients once you tell us you have vaccines available.


This is currently a free service although we might have to charge in the future to pay for the operational costs if it get to big.

Clinic Registration

To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.