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Mosquito Activity

This page is designed to showcase what real-time mosquito activity monitoring can do.


MozTrack IoT insect tracking devices around the city of Perth and South West of Western Australia are reporting real-time information for public viewing.

Please note that  this is a technology demonstrator and so there is no guarantee that all sensors are running or indeed that the data is 100% accurate. WARNING CURRENTLY OFF-LINE

Real-time insect activity in East Fremantle, WA 6157. Graph shows the number of insects seen in ten minute intervals 

Ross River Virus Risk South Western Australia. MozTrack real time mosquito numbers
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Sensors deployed in the South West of Western Australia in the high risk Ross River Virus regions.


Mosquito activity is displayed from the last 10 minutes of sampling. Use your browsers Refresh button for further updates.


Map courtesy of the WA Department of Health. Activity data courtesy of MozTrack.