This portfolio showcases some of the more technically challenging and interesting projects the WesTech Alliance has created. See our contact information below and get in touch.


Insect tracking technology demonstrator primarily for tracking mosquitoes and exotic pest insects. Designed for the West Australian Dept. Health and the Australian Federal Government Bio-security. It can also be used as a "geiger counter" for detection of mosquitoes, around say the home BBQ.

Key Technologies and Development

  • High speed machine vision imaging

  • 3D spatial object location in real time

  • IoT and Edge computing with devices connected to the Cloud for real-time spatial and temporal mapping

  • Wing-beat frequency analysis for identification

  • Size and morphology analysis for identification

  • Simplified virus detection explored

  • Experimental kill techniques explored

Live Mosquito Activity Tracking South Western Australia

Portable Field Mineral Analyser

The ability to relatively inexpensively examine drill cores for mineral content in the field during exploration drilling would be a major time and money saver.


For example bauxite ore is the primary source of mined aluminium. Exploration for bauxite is costly, involving the sampling of ores usually via drilling over vast areas and sending samples to a laboratory for testing can take time. If a simple test on potential bauxite ores at site for aluminium bearing mineral content were available this could speed up the decision making on the viability of the site and alleviating the need to bring an expensive exploration crew back to the site.

Key Technologies and Development

  • Development of a hand-held FTIR spectrometer to identify the key minerals in quantity and quality

  • Software adaptable enough to pinpoint key minerals using the IR absorption spectra. e.g. Gibbsite and Kaolinite for Bauxite ore

  • IoT and Edge computing with devices connected to the Cloud for real-time analysis and inspection by geologists or AI systems remotely

  • Integration of MEMS technology "spectrometer on a chip" interferometer into a field usable portable device

  • Prime cost target is a challenging US$ 4K

Optical Sensor Head


Artwork Provenance

Key Technologies and Development

  • Development of a hand-held device incorporating  a machine vision camera

  • Sophisticated software able to calculate a unique fingerprint from the object being imaged

  • Blockchain RESTful API Integration to multiple Cloud based Blockchain services

Blockchain Document Scanning Device

Universal Computer Controlled DSLR Shutter System for Photography

Key Technologies and Development

  • USB controlled shutter relay

  • Software with C# and Power Console examples to control the shutter

  • Universal cable interface adaptor for Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Sony, Minolta, Nikon and Olympus DSLR cameras. 

Online Mosaic Photography

So What Is Mosaic Photography?


The basic concept is to have a prime photograph which is to be displayed as a poster or art work. The prime photograph is converted to a mosaic by replacing each pixel with a small photograph that is chosen from a pool of hundreds, even thousands of photographs for its best colour match.


The outcome is a mosaic photograph that looks like the original prime photo from a distance but as you move closer you begin to see the individual small photographs that make it up.

We developed special software unlike any commercially available package, ours is designed to work with every day peoples snaps. This can create beautiful mosaics no matter what the subject source photos are like.

In addition we developed an online presence so that customers could upload their photos directly for processing and reviewing the results.

Key Technologies and Development

  • Sophisticated colour image analysis software

  • Back-end multi threaded processing software

  • Front-end web services and easy to use customer User Experience

  • Capability to upload thousands of photos with on-the-fly mage compression

  • Secure access to photos from users social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram

  • Portal access to high quality printing companies such as Office Works

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